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How to Get Accepted in Accelerated Nursing Programs

The purpose behind an accelerated nursing program is to provide those in the nursing profession with basic, specialized education. Graduates of such a program prepare themselves to operate either independently, or in partnership with other healthcare providers to serve patients in a clinical or community location. As a result of the development of online nursing programs, nurses are able to advance themselves in a high-demand healthcare career.

An online accelerated nursing program is intended to inspire and help nurses by encouraging active participation in their home community, while offering one-on-one guidance from skilled nursing healthcare professionals. In these programs, students are able to work together with fellow nurses to create a worthwhile experience while utilizing diverse online knowledge. For many of those in the nursing profession, the next step to career advancement is getting accepted into an accelerated program as this can promote them to positions such as nurse practitioner or even clinical care specialists.

Acceptance into an Online Program

Making the decision to enroll in an online accelerated nursing program is one of the best ways a nurse can earn a degree while still working or having time for family. However, many who apply to these online programs are unsure as to what is required of them for acceptance. Generally speaking, enrolling into online programs is not as complicated as a traditional school. However, selectivity may vary with each program. U.S. News and World Report concluded after extensive research that the average acceptance rate of those applying to accelerated nursing school program is 71 percent.Personal essays also play a major role in a person being accepted into an online nursing program.

Many of the top-ranked online nursing programs require that their applicants write a personal essay so they can focus on any weakness that may be present. Once accepted, nurses enrolled in an online program can expect to spend anywhere between 12 to 24 months in school, depending on their specialty choice. All the same, nursing students accepted to an accelerated program have proved that they have the ability and determination to succeed in meeting these demands.Read more information on Accreditation http://onlinemsn.usfca.edu/news-resources/msn-resources/nursing-program-accreditation-resources/

Requirements in an Accelerated Online Program

Accelerated Nursing Program

Every online program is different in terms of what is required of the student. Still, there are components in every program that are quite similar. Most online programs utilize a point system, evaluating each applicant, and applying credits for factors such as academic performance or even references. Nearly every online program requires that the student already be a registered nurse, have a nursing certificate, or have a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, the nurse who makes the decision to enroll in such a program should have outstanding academic records.

After all, like any other program, GPA plays an important role in the application process. In fact, some online accelerated programs require that the student have a 3.0. If a nursing student cannot meet this 3.0 GPA, a letter of recommendation may be a requirement. Online programs require a lot of dedication from individuals who can be independent learners.

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