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Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

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If you are interested in becoming a nurse, chances are you wouldn’t mind delving into descriptions of the highest paying nursing jobs, one of which is the job of a nurse anesthetist. The anesthesia nurse salary is fairly impressive for a nursing role, and it can often times even rival the salary of some types of doctors.


Like most jobs out there, several factors come into play to contribute towards the nurse anesthetist pay scale, namely the education and degrees that you have, the amount of experience you have, the type of place you work, and the speciality that you work under.

Nursing-skillsThe nurse anesthetist pay scale as a fresh graduate starts out at approximately $110,000 per year. While the anesthesia nurse salary is pretty large to start out, it is only get to get larger as you gain more and more experience. After you have five years of experience on the job you can expect an anesthesia nurse salary of about $150,000 per year, and as time goes on after 20 years of experience the nurse anesthetist pay scale can reach as high as $190,000 per year. It’s also worth noting if you work as head of the anesthesia nurses you can expect to be paid an extra $10,000-$20,000 on-top of your salary per year.

The nurse anesthetist is one of the highest paying nursing jobs out there. This is mostly down to all of the educational requirements it takes to become a nurse anesthetist. A nurse anesthetists pay will also depend on the degrees you have learned from various colleges along the way, as well as your certification. The nurse anesthetist pay scale for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is approximately $120,000 per year. If you graduated with a master’s degree, you can expect an anesthesia nurse salary of closer to $150,000 per year. To get the highest paying nursing jobs you will need a master’s degree with an anesthesia minor. This will earn you a anesthesia nurse salary of upwards of $175,000 per year.

Don’t be fooled by all these big numbers. It will take several years for you to complete your education before you can even begin to think about these types of salaries, which is precisely why the nurse anesthetist pay scale is so high. The years of education involved is one of the reasons that this is one of the highest paying nursing jobs. The education and certification process can take as much as eight years or more until you can become fully certified. But in the long run it is worth it as the nurse anesthetists salary can eventually reach into the low $200,000 range, further down the line in your career.

Since a career as a nurse anesthetist is so in demand, and one of the highest paying nursing jobs, it is vital what sector you choose to work in. There are several different types of anesthesia that you can administer such as surgery, obstetrical, general anesthesia, head nurse of anesthesia, and much more. Choosing the right sector will be a determining factor in both your performance and in determining what your nurse anesthetist pay scale will end up as.

Among the highest paying nursing jobs is the anesthesia nurse speciality of emergency medicine and acute care anesthesia. These two specialities offer a anesthesia nurse salary of more than $190,000 per year. Another of the highest paying nursing jobs specialities is working with a gynecologist as an obstetrical anesthesia nurse. This speciality also puts the nurse anesthetists salary in the range of $190,000 per year. General anesthesia is another of the highest paying nursing jobs. This speciality offers an anesthesia nurse salary of more than $170,000 per year, and pediatric anesthesia is another speciality that pays in the $160,000 range.

If you are looking for the highest paying nursing jobs, then it is vitally important for you to look at the different types of facilities you plan to work in. As is to be expected, some types of facilities offer a better rate of pay than others. Some of the highest paid nursing jobs are working as an independent contractor, as many self employed nurse anesthetists can make as much as $200,000 per year, depending on their individual contracts.

Acute care centers are one of the highest paying out that at approximately $180,000 per year. Hospitals are another facility that offers one of the highest paying anesthesia nurse salary figures, with both medical and surgical hospitals offering an average anesthetist salary of $175,000 per year.

The average nurse anesthetist pay scale is $160,000 per year, but as you can see there are many different things you can do to increase this amount and open yourself up to the best and highest paying nursing jobs available. Since the job market is currently expanding at a rapid rate, there are now more than 36,000 professionals working as CRNAs. The job market is very competitive and working in areas where there is a high density of jobs is important. The states with the most job opportunities are Washington, New Jersey, and Oregon. The best cities to work in are Tucson, AZ, Toledo, OH, and Tampa, FL, all of which have an average nurse anesthetist salary of $170,000 per year.

Nursing members

Deciding whether to work for yourself as an independent contractor or whether to work for a hospital or clinic is an important factor to note against your salary expectations. Though ultimately it is a matter of what you want to do the most, there are good and bad points to each. If you work for a hospital or clinic you can expect good benefits, such as medical and life insurance. These benefits can equal more than $20,000 per year added on top of your salary in money and savings.visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Registered_nurse  for more details.

However, if you decide to work for yourself as an independent contractor there are no provided benefits. As an independent contractor you will have to pay your own taxes, but the upside to being an independent contractor is that you can make your own hours, complete work at different facilities to gain a wider range of experience, and you can set your own fees, which can add a real boost to your anesthesia nurse salary.

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