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A Licensed Practical Nursing Program Overview

There is an emergent need for specialized nurses in the healthcare field. In fact, nursing is an occupation that is rapidly evolving. Some individuals choose to enroll in a bachelor program for nursing. However, some individuals wish to enter into a nursing program that is less time-consuming than a bachelor-level program and less costly. This program is known as the licensed practical nursing (LPN) program. With many schools offering online nursing programs, an individual can attend an LPN program with great ease.

Online LPN Degrees

Online licensed practical nursing degrees offer nursing students flexibility for studying without having to compromise time away from work or home life. With technology advancing each day, a nursing student can complete this program at their own time. In comparison of an online LPN program and a traditional school, nursing students enrolled in an online program partake in comparable courses, complete very similar assignments, and must pass the same exams to enter into the work field as an LPN. Video and live chats are available around the clock make virtual learning an efficient and positive experience for those enrolled in the online LPN program.read more information at http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licensed_practical_nurse.

Finding an Accredited Online LPN Program

An individual who wishes to enroll in an online LPN program should find a program that is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). Selecting an LPN program that is accredited simply means that the prospective student wishes to learn higher national standards set forth by government administrations to oversee the entire field of nursing.

Selecting an accredited program assures the person that they are receiving the best education. It should also be noted that in order to receive nursing licensure, a student must pass exams recognized by their specific state’s board or nursing. Making sure to enroll into an accredited online LPN program will assure the student that he or she can proceed with the next educational steps such as getting their diploma or BSN. These teaching centers must be state approved and can include vocational schools, community colleges, or even hospitals.

Online LPN Prospects

Individuals holding online LPN degrees typically work in a supervised facility such as a nursing home and under the management of experienced nurses. Licensed practical nurses are responsible for a number of things such as; maintaining a patient’s medical record, caring for the needs of a patient, and monitoring the recovery of their patients while reporting details to the physician. In some areas, a licensed practical nurse may be allowed to administer intravenous fluids or treatments. Some LPNs start as medical assistants.

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There are several prerequisites needed in order to attend an online LPN program. First and foremost, individuals must earn a high school diploma or GED before entering into an LPN program. There are actually some online programs that require a specific GPA as well. Classroom studies as well as clinical experiences are required of an LPN student.

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