5 Black American nurses who changed the course of history

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Nurses are a very big part or our existence and history. Without nursing we won’t be able to get well after an illness or operations. There are many nurses who changed the course of the nursing history, but these 5 Black American nurses are best known for changing the course of history.

Susie King Taylor

Susie King Taylor was a woman with many talents. She volunteers for the Union Army during the American Civil war. She then handled the laundry, teaching soldiers to read and write and she even makes custard out of turtle eggs. She was also a pretty good shot.

But what makes her great was the fact that she was not only just a normal nurse, but she was also nursing soldiers. Even when they were quarantined because they had smallpox. She just crept into their tents and nursed them back to health. She never was thinking about her own health, she was just thinking about the health of the sick soldiers. She didn’t even care is the sick soldiers was black or white.

Later in her life, Susie King Taylor wrote an autobiographic of her experience. The book’s name is Reminiscences.

Betty Smith Williams

Betty Smith Williams grew up in Indiana, South Bend. She saw from a very early age how activism and collectivism could start impact change. She became the first black person to wear the cap of Cleveland Ohio’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. She also was the first black person who teaches at a college or university in the State of California.

Betty Smith Williams was co-founding the National Black nurses association in 1971. This association is providing black nurses with the impetus to act collectively for African Americans.

Estelle Massey Osborne

Estelle Massey Osborne was born in 1901 and she became the first black woman to earn a Master’s degree in the nursing program. During her career, she ensured that black nurses receive the same education as the white nurses.

Estelle Massey Osborne became a consultant for the National nursing Council in 1943 for the war services and helps to get the color ban lifted from nursing in the US Army and the Navy.

Lillian Holland Harvey

Lillian Holland Harvey was a registered nurse and she was best known for her work in education. In 1948 she became Dean of Tuskegee University School of nursing and held the position for almost 30 years. During her career she was offered the Alabama’s first Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

Lillian Holland Harvey strongly believes that everyone, no matter of his or her background, deserved professional acknowledgement. No matter of the segregation rules of the 1940s, she achieved a lot of honors.

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth’s real name was Isabella Baumfree. She was born into slavery in Ulster Country, New York in 1797. She was a registered nurse and worked at the National Freedman’s Relief association in Washington. Here she strives to improve the cleanliness and quality of care.

These five black women was part of the Nursing history and changed the course of history. They will not just be remembered of the fact that they changed the course of history, but also their fights for black nurses.

A Licensed Practical Nursing Program Overview

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There is an emergent need for specialized nurses in the healthcare field. In fact, nursing is an occupation that is rapidly evolving. Some individuals choose to enroll in a bachelor program for nursing. However, some individuals wish to enter into a nursing program that is less time-consuming than a bachelor-level program and less costly. This program is known as the licensed practical nursing (LPN) program. With many schools offering online nursing programs, an individual can attend an LPN program with great ease.

Online LPN Degrees

Online licensed practical nursing degrees offer nursing students flexibility for studying without having to compromise time away from work or home life. With technology advancing each day, a nursing student can complete this program at their own time. In comparison of an online LPN program and a traditional school, nursing students enrolled in an online program partake in comparable courses, complete very similar assignments, and must pass the same exams to enter into the work field as an LPN. Video and live chats are available around the clock make virtual learning an efficient and positive experience for those enrolled in the online LPN program.read more information at http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licensed_practical_nurse.

Finding an Accredited Online LPN Program

An individual who wishes to enroll in an online LPN program should find a program that is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). Selecting an LPN program that is accredited simply means that the prospective student wishes to learn higher national standards set forth by government administrations to oversee the entire field of nursing.

Selecting an accredited program assures the person that they are receiving the best education. It should also be noted that in order to receive nursing licensure, a student must pass exams recognized by their specific state’s board or nursing. Making sure to enroll into an accredited online LPN program will assure the student that he or she can proceed with the next educational steps such as getting their diploma or BSN. These teaching centers must be state approved and can include vocational schools, community colleges, or even hospitals.

Online LPN Prospects

Individuals holding online LPN degrees typically work in a supervised facility such as a nursing home and under the management of experienced nurses. Licensed practical nurses are responsible for a number of things such as; maintaining a patient’s medical record, caring for the needs of a patient, and monitoring the recovery of their patients while reporting details to the physician. In some areas, a licensed practical nurse may be allowed to administer intravenous fluids or treatments. Some LPNs start as medical assistants.

bestmed care nurses

There are several prerequisites needed in order to attend an online LPN program. First and foremost, individuals must earn a high school diploma or GED before entering into an LPN program. There are actually some online programs that require a specific GPA as well. Classroom studies as well as clinical experiences are required of an LPN student.

Choosing the Best Nursing Program for Your Situation

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Many individuals are choosing to return to school online. With the added convenience and flexibility it provides, an online platform is the best fit for many adults. There are many online nursing programs available for people who wish to advance in their careers. With many to choose from, finding a program that is best tailored to a person’s needs can seem like an overwhelming task.

Choosing an Online Pathway

When a person is selecting an online nursing program, it is imperative that he or she make the decision based on what educational goals they wish to accomplish. It is a requirement that every nurse pass a licensing exam. After passing this exam, nurses can further education by receiving two or three year nursing diploma, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Nursing diplomas will train a person for an entry-level position, while RN-BSN trained nurses equip themselves for the more skilled positions.

Accredited Online Programs

Once a nurse decides which program will be best, the next important step is to make sure the program has proper accreditation. This is actually the most important step in the process that should not be overlooked. Online nursing programs that uphold accreditation status instruct nursing students with standards that have been nationally established and guarantee top-quality education for nurses providing advanced learning programs, opportunities to build on an already present degree, and allow the nurse to gain advantage in the job market. Employers are far more eager to hire nurses with educational backgrounds that are endorsed and approved.

Balancing Online Education and Experience

After researching and deciding which online program is a good fit, the program should be fully evaluated. The main and most important reason nurses make the decision to enroll in an online program is because they want to find a balance between an education and hands-on clinical experience. Anyone wishing to enroll in an online nursing program can examine the faculty to see if the instructors are medical professionals and those who currently practice medicine.

When instructors are still active in healthcare understand that nursing students need a modernized, up-to-date education as well as receiving administered clinical studies. In saying this, it is imperative that the potential online program offers clinical study or possible internship options. It may be necessary to converse with other students in the online nursing program.

The Bottom Line

CNA programs

While attending a nursing program can be challenging with work and home life, an online platform can help nurses earn an advanced degree. Offering convenience and flexibility, online learners can have twenty-four hour access. This means no time away from work or home to attend class. There are many areas that much be researched before making the decision as to which program is best. Still, after making this selection, a nurse will be one step closer to earning their degree.go to http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Nurse for more details.

Making the decision to attend an online nursing program is a great way nurses can advance their careers, raise their level of income, and even gain supervisory positions.

How to Get Accepted in Accelerated Nursing Programs

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The purpose behind an accelerated nursing program is to provide those in the nursing profession with basic, specialized education. Graduates of such a program prepare themselves to operate either independently, or in partnership with other healthcare providers to serve patients in a clinical or community location. As a result of the development of online nursing programs, nurses are able to advance themselves in a high-demand healthcare career.

An online accelerated nursing program is intended to inspire and help nurses by encouraging active participation in their home community, while offering one-on-one guidance from skilled nursing healthcare professionals. In these programs, students are able to work together with fellow nurses to create a worthwhile experience while utilizing diverse online knowledge. For many of those in the nursing profession, the next step to career advancement is getting accepted into an accelerated program as this can promote them to positions such as nurse practitioner or even clinical care specialists.

Acceptance into an Online Program

Making the decision to enroll in an online accelerated nursing program is one of the best ways a nurse can earn a degree while still working or having time for family. However, many who apply to these online programs are unsure as to what is required of them for acceptance. Generally speaking, enrolling into online programs is not as complicated as a traditional school. However, selectivity may vary with each program. U.S. News and World Report concluded after extensive research that the average acceptance rate of those applying to accelerated nursing school program is 71 percent.Personal essays also play a major role in a person being accepted into an online nursing program.

Many of the top-ranked online nursing programs require that their applicants write a personal essay so they can focus on any weakness that may be present. Once accepted, nurses enrolled in an online program can expect to spend anywhere between 12 to 24 months in school, depending on their specialty choice. All the same, nursing students accepted to an accelerated program have proved that they have the ability and determination to succeed in meeting these demands.Read more information on Accreditation http://onlinemsn.usfca.edu/news-resources/msn-resources/nursing-program-accreditation-resources/

Requirements in an Accelerated Online Program

Accelerated Nursing Program

Every online program is different in terms of what is required of the student. Still, there are components in every program that are quite similar. Most online programs utilize a point system, evaluating each applicant, and applying credits for factors such as academic performance or even references. Nearly every online program requires that the student already be a registered nurse, have a nursing certificate, or have a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, the nurse who makes the decision to enroll in such a program should have outstanding academic records.

After all, like any other program, GPA plays an important role in the application process. In fact, some online accelerated programs require that the student have a 3.0. If a nursing student cannot meet this 3.0 GPA, a letter of recommendation may be a requirement. Online programs require a lot of dedication from individuals who can be independent learners.

What to Expect in an Online Nursing Program

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While making the navigation towards a career path, becoming a nurse may not seem to be an easy task. With so many advancements in technology, along with the formation of distance learning, online nursing programs can help individuals get on the right track to earning their online degree. In order for an individual to become a licensed nurse, the completion of the proper training and a mix of hands-on experiences in clinical settings are necessary.

These online platforms typically combine online and offline methods of learning, allowing a nursing student the flexibility to earn a nursing degree on their own time while still being able to train at local facilities. Obtaining a nursing degree online is no different than at any traditional school. It is simply a matter of what fits the person’s educational needs and lifestyle.

Advantages of Online Nursing Programs

Whether an individual is looking for a career change or looking to increase potential in their current jobs with an accelerated degree, registering with an accredited online nursing programs the most appropriate pathway to success. If maintaining excellent growth rates and having job security are not enough reason to consider an online nursing program, earning a nursing degree online will allow an individual to earn their degree in their own time without any interference.

The accessibility and flexibility of earning an online degree are the main reasons people choose this platform. Many people cannot afford to take time off work to go back to school, especially in today’s economy. Choosing an appropriate online nursing program is alternative that many are looking for. When enrolling in an online nursing program, advisors help individuals design a custom schedule that balances with their everyday life.

What to Expect in an Online Nursing Program

Most online nursing programs are considered as self-paced. In saying this, students become able to learn and earn their degrees at a time best for them. There is no set time limit to complete this program in and classes are recorded so that the student can watch them at a time that is appropriate for them. The instructors that teach in these programs are highly qualified and skilled in all aspects of the nursing field and have a wide-ranging involvement in a hospital setting.

These professionals are more than capable of teaching nursing students the necessary requirements and skills to succeed in their choice profession. Students in an online nursing program can expect to learn and partake in many subjects including; physiology, anatomy, preoperative and postoperative care, pediatrics, and even psychology.read more in these articles.  Two more vital subjects taught in an online nursing program are health ethics and health safety.

Nursing Programs

A nurse going into an online program can select several degree programs depending on their career goals. Nevertheless, these programs will help a nurse obtain a specialized degree in their preferred area of patient care. After dedicating oneself to completing an online nursing program and attaining a specialized degree, a nurse will surely create a passageway to the career they hoped to achieve.checkout http://www.galencollege.edu/rn-lpn-lvn-nursing-online-classes.php with their latest comments.

Wet Nurse Job Description

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A wet nurse is a woman hired by other people to breastfeed their baby or infant when the mother is sick and unable to provide breast milk for her own baby. These nurses are also hired by single fathers who adopted the baby, moms who are unable to produce milk, or mothers who gave birth to multiple babies and require help with breastfeeding. This job used to be popular in many countries, but the demand died down after milk formula entered the market and human milk banks provided another alternative. In some cases, the wet nurse job description also includes tasks like doing household chores, or taking care of other kids in the household.


Wet nurses make sure to provide breast milk whenever the baby needs it. They may also perform other related tasks such as cradling the baby, changing diapers, giving baby baths, and putting them back to sleep. The wet nurse job description also includes tasks focused on proper breastfeeding, such as helping the baby burp after feeding, identifying feeding hours of the baby and ensuring milk production remains healthy.

The wet nurse must make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep her body healthy for frequent breastfeeding. These practices include drinking liquids after feeding, eating small meals throughout the day, taking quick showers, and taking as many sleeping hours as possible. Although the wet nurse job description may include plenty of duties in the first few months of the baby’s life, these tasks are reduced and become easier to handle as the baby gets older. Once the baby reaches the age of 1 year, wet nurses may also be responsible for weaning the baby.

Training and Education Requirements

To become a wet nurse, one must be physically fit and be able to produce breast milk. In most cases, employers may require you to take a physical examination to determine if no diseases like tuberculosis or HIV can be passed on to the baby. A criminal background check may also be needed, especially if the nurse will be left alone with the baby when his/her parents are at work. Some states may require wet nurses to obtain licensure as a human milk bank.

Working Conditions

Wet nurses usually live in their employer’s house until an agreed timeframe, from 1 to 18 months. Depending on the arrangement, they may sleep in the nursery or in a room near the baby. This is because babies wake up irregular hours and require feeding every two or three hours during their first months. Technically, this position is a 24/7 job, with work hours starting any time of the day. As such, the job can be stressful and lead to lack of sleep. These nurses receive one or two days off from work.

Nurse Dolliver


There is no certification required to become a wet nurse. However, some employers may provide a car, which the nurse may use to run errands. If this is the case, a valid driver’s license may be required.

Related Jobs

Another job you may be interested in if you are thinking of being a Wet Nurse is a X Ray Technician. It takes a lot of skill and talent to be a great X Ray Tech, however those who are in the field absolutely love it. Many nurses find them selves shifting themselves more into that roll. You can find out what it takes to become on at http://www.outstandingcolleges.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-become-an-x-ray-technician/.

Salary and Wages

The salary of wet nurses ranges between $1,000 and $2,000 per week. Since most of them are freelancers, check more info at http://www.womensissues.about.com/od/parentingcaregiving/f/What-Is-A-Wet-Nurse-Definition-Of-Wet-Nurse.htm as they do not receive standard benefits such as medical or dental insurance, paid leaves and other incentives.

Nurse Anesthesiologist

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There are many different types of nursing careers that you can choose to go into, and a career as a nurse anesthesiologist is one of the highest paying of all of them.

The best thing about this career is the job market for well-trained nurse anesthesiologists is expanding at the fairly staggering rate of 22 percent year on year (correct as of 2012). A nurse anesthesiologist is an advanced practice nurse that oversees the use of anesthesia on patients.

They care for the patient from before the very first injection until after the safe return of the patient. As a nurse anesthesiologist, you will monitor the patients vitals and make sure that everything is going as it should. These duties make your job an incredibly important part of the surgical and pain relief process.


A career as a nurse anesthesiologist, from the sound of it, may be exactly what you are looking for. But the question remains, how do you become a nurse anesthetist?

There are several nurse anesthetist requirements. You will first be required to complete a four year degree as a registered nurse. This can either be done as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The more advanced your degree the better (and larger) the job market that will open up to you. After you have graduated and completed your registered nurse degree, there are additional things you need to do to complete for your nurse anesthetist requirements.


The next step is to have at least one year of nursing experience in an acute care or emergency medicine situation. This is to be done before you can take the next step in how to be a nurse anesthetist.

Once this has been completed, you can start work on the nurse anesthetist requirements to obtain your degree in Masters of Science in Nursing. This program of study is the next step in becoming a nurse anesthetist. There are several nurse anesthetist requirements and procedures that you will study as a part of this degree. Generally, these graduate programs will take you about 2-3 years to complete, depending on your course load.

This program of study will teach you many things, including an in depth study of anatomy and physiology, which forms a very important part of the nurse anesthetist requirements on your way to becoming a nurse anesthesiologist. This is vital for your studies. You will also learn advanced pathophysiology guidelines and practices. Chemistry and biochemistry are often looked at as further nurse anesthetist requirements that you will have to learn and understand during your studies for your masters degree in nursing.

Additionally, you will learn about pharmacology and the correct anesthesia procedures and guidelines. Futher into the nurse anesthetist requirements of the program you will learn about the principles of using anesthesia, when it is used, checking the vitals of your patients, and ensuring their safe return after they wake.

This is one of the most intricate parts of your nursing anesthetist requirements. This will not only teach you how to be a nurse anesthesiologist, but you will also understand why it is used, and why this will help you become a better nurse anesthesiologist. One of the last main nurse anesthetist requirements for this degree are learning the advanced practices and management of nursing procedures.

The nurse anesthetist requirements of this program will provide you with on the job instructions so you understand how to interoperate and use all of the coursework you have completed. This will generally be about one year of work done in a clinic or hospital setting.

Once all of these courses have been passed, you will graduate with a Masters in Science of Nursing. These nurse anesthetist requirements must be passed and a degree must be obtained before you can take the next step; taking your certification test.

Once you have graduated from both your registered nursing and anesthesia program you are now eligible to take the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Exam. This can be taken any time of the year. The cost of the certification exam is $700 and it will consist of about 100-170 questions. The first 30 questions are sample questions for the testing center to check if they should be included as a part of the main exam in the future. You will be given three hours to complete your test. The test covers all sorts of topics related to being a nurse anesthesiologist.Some of the main topics that are covered are anatomy, physiology, disease systems of the body, principles of anesthesia, and administering and aftercare of the anesthesia.

This test has an average 89 percent pass rate across the US, so it is important that you have studied and have all of the procedures, rules, and regulations understood before you attempt this last step. Once you have passed the test, you will remain certified for two years. Once the two years are up, you will need to apply for re-certification.

Nurse anesthetists

All in all, the schooling and educational requirements on your road to be a nurse anesthesiologist can be quite long. It can take more than eight years to complete all of the steps needed to become a nurse anesthesiologist. That said, when you look at the bigger picture it is completely worth it. The average national salary of a nurse anesthesiologist is currently at http://www.une.edu/wchp/sna with $160,000.

Salaries aside, this is also a career that gives you a lot of choice in the type of work you want to do and the place that you want to work. There is a great shortage of CRNA at the moment, so this gives you the upper hand in the job market and allows you to have job security for both you and your family.

Highest Paying Nursing Jobs

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If you are interested in becoming a nurse, chances are you wouldn’t mind delving into descriptions of the highest paying nursing jobs, one of which is the job of a nurse anesthetist. The anesthesia nurse salary is fairly impressive for a nursing role, and it can often times even rival the salary of some types of doctors.


Like most jobs out there, several factors come into play to contribute towards the nurse anesthetist pay scale, namely the education and degrees that you have, the amount of experience you have, the type of place you work, and the speciality that you work under.

Nursing-skillsThe nurse anesthetist pay scale as a fresh graduate starts out at approximately $110,000 per year. While the anesthesia nurse salary is pretty large to start out, it is only get to get larger as you gain more and more experience. After you have five years of experience on the job you can expect an anesthesia nurse salary of about $150,000 per year, and as time goes on after 20 years of experience the nurse anesthetist pay scale can reach as high as $190,000 per year. It’s also worth noting if you work as head of the anesthesia nurses you can expect to be paid an extra $10,000-$20,000 on-top of your salary per year.

The nurse anesthetist is one of the highest paying nursing jobs out there. This is mostly down to all of the educational requirements it takes to become a nurse anesthetist. A nurse anesthetists pay will also depend on the degrees you have learned from various colleges along the way, as well as your certification. The nurse anesthetist pay scale for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is approximately $120,000 per year. If you graduated with a master’s degree, you can expect an anesthesia nurse salary of closer to $150,000 per year. To get the highest paying nursing jobs you will need a master’s degree with an anesthesia minor. This will earn you a anesthesia nurse salary of upwards of $175,000 per year.

Don’t be fooled by all these big numbers. It will take several years for you to complete your education before you can even begin to think about these types of salaries, which is precisely why the nurse anesthetist pay scale is so high. The years of education involved is one of the reasons that this is one of the highest paying nursing jobs. The education and certification process can take as much as eight years or more until you can become fully certified. But in the long run it is worth it as the nurse anesthetists salary can eventually reach into the low $200,000 range, further down the line in your career.

Since a career as a nurse anesthetist is so in demand, and one of the highest paying nursing jobs, it is vital what sector you choose to work in. There are several different types of anesthesia that you can administer such as surgery, obstetrical, general anesthesia, head nurse of anesthesia, and much more. Choosing the right sector will be a determining factor in both your performance and in determining what your nurse anesthetist pay scale will end up as.

Among the highest paying nursing jobs is the anesthesia nurse speciality of emergency medicine and acute care anesthesia. These two specialities offer a anesthesia nurse salary of more than $190,000 per year. Another of the highest paying nursing jobs specialities is working with a gynecologist as an obstetrical anesthesia nurse. This speciality also puts the nurse anesthetists salary in the range of $190,000 per year. General anesthesia is another of the highest paying nursing jobs. This speciality offers an anesthesia nurse salary of more than $170,000 per year, and pediatric anesthesia is another speciality that pays in the $160,000 range.

If you are looking for the highest paying nursing jobs, then it is vitally important for you to look at the different types of facilities you plan to work in. As is to be expected, some types of facilities offer a better rate of pay than others. Some of the highest paid nursing jobs are working as an independent contractor, as many self employed nurse anesthetists can make as much as $200,000 per year, depending on their individual contracts.

Acute care centers are one of the highest paying out that at approximately $180,000 per year. Hospitals are another facility that offers one of the highest paying anesthesia nurse salary figures, with both medical and surgical hospitals offering an average anesthetist salary of $175,000 per year.

The average nurse anesthetist pay scale is $160,000 per year, but as you can see there are many different things you can do to increase this amount and open yourself up to the best and highest paying nursing jobs available. Since the job market is currently expanding at a rapid rate, there are now more than 36,000 professionals working as CRNAs. The job market is very competitive and working in areas where there is a high density of jobs is important. The states with the most job opportunities are Washington, New Jersey, and Oregon. The best cities to work in are Tucson, AZ, Toledo, OH, and Tampa, FL, all of which have an average nurse anesthetist salary of $170,000 per year.

Nursing members

Deciding whether to work for yourself as an independent contractor or whether to work for a hospital or clinic is an important factor to note against your salary expectations. Though ultimately it is a matter of what you want to do the most, there are good and bad points to each. If you work for a hospital or clinic you can expect good benefits, such as medical and life insurance. These benefits can equal more than $20,000 per year added on top of your salary in money and savings.visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Registered_nurse  for more details.

However, if you decide to work for yourself as an independent contractor there are no provided benefits. As an independent contractor you will have to pay your own taxes, but the upside to being an independent contractor is that you can make your own hours, complete work at different facilities to gain a wider range of experience, and you can set your own fees, which can add a real boost to your anesthesia nurse salary.